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Your business has invested significant capital in communications technology but even with the correct technology solution, outcomes tend to fall short of expectations because you don’t have the resources or expertise to maximize the investment.


HTA’s four service units; Consulting/Strategy Management, Resources on Demand, Symmetry and Mobility Management address the life cycle of communications technology and provide the knowledge our clients need, when they need it and only for as long as they need it. This Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) model ensures that our clients are always staffed appropriately with the experience they need to meet the challenge at hand.


Consulting/Strategy Management 

Unified Communications Thought Leadership


Because your business is unique, our strategic consulting begins with an in-depth understanding of your business, and is designed to align with your short-term, long-term and overall business objectives.  Achieving the desired outcome requires understanding where you are, helping define where you need to go and working with you to develop a plan to get there. 


Resources on Demand

Staff Augmentation Solutions


Communications technology must be designed, implemented, managed, supported and administered to have value. Businesses large and small need to draw on a pool of self-directed people that understand your business and the role communications technology plays in helping you reach your destination. As a complement to your current staff, our Resources are always ready to meet your demand.



Balanced Managed Services 


Symmetry offers three balanced and integrated service areas - Strategic Management, Systems Management and Spend Management - that work together across the life cycle of communications technology.  Whether you utilize one or all three service areas, you'll get sound advice and recommendations that pay for themselves both in terms of direct savings and improved efficiency for your business.



Mobility Management

Turns Mobile Chaos into Efficiency 


Mobility is the fastest growing segment of Unified Communications technology and in most businesses the area that falls the farthest short of reaching its potential. Mobility Management puts you back in control, reduces the recurring cost and ensures that your business is maximizing the potential of mobility.

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