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Spend Management

Setting the standard for operational efficiency

If it isn’t making you money or saving you money, it’s costing you money. Working in conjunction with the other service areas, Symmetry Spend Management pays for itself both in terms of direct reduction of your communications expense and improved efficiency.


You gain access to a dedicated team of professionals whose sole purpose is to scrutinize your bills, systems and services to identify opportunities to both improve your service and to reduce your cost.


The Symmetry team members are experts at Telecommunications Expense Management with an average payback of seven to one and HTA’s legendary Network Inventory service has an average Return on Investment of less than three months!



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Success Stories

This nationwide grocery retailer reduced their ongoing network expense by over $500,000 through the use of HTA’s Network Inventory service. (PDF)

A network procurement project helped this law office reduce their cost of communication spend by 30%. (PDF)

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